Children Orthopedic Insoles Foot Arch Support Correction Pads

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Children Orthopedic Pads are for children with heel and arch problems.
Fit each unique foot and all types of shoes. Suitable for shoe pad foot in the typical daily activities.

The soft and strong material forms your child's food over time.

1. Breathable, sweat absorption, shock absorption.
2. Three-point support arch.
3. Bottom surface soft PVC, shock mitigation, and comfort.
4. 3D vamp more fit foot type.
5. Insoles arch foot up to 3.5cm/1.38", good to support arch foot position.
6. Fleece + breathable hole design, correction foot comfortable, breathable and sweat absorption.
7. U heel design protects the baby heels.

Material: fake suede +TPE rubber +PP plastic
Size: 14-24cm/5.51-9.45"
Quantity: 1 pair
Function: correction of flatfoot, pigeon, OX leg, knee valgus
Maintenance care: wash, water temperature is not more than 45 degrees

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Children Orthopedic Pads