Fitness Mixer Bottle Protein Powder Shaker Bottle 500 ml

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Working out is a great start or end of each day. But to maximize results, You will need to add a portion of protein shake to your exercise routine.

Take a look at this Protein Shaker, both convenient for indoor or outdoor activities.

Easy to make a shake in a minute, fast to clean it. A protein shaker offers a convenient way to take powdered nutritional supplements. Add the liquid before you add the protein powder to keep the powder from clumping on the bottom of the shaker or coating the sides.

The protein shaker bottle with ball incorporates a storage system with a compartment for liquids. The storage containers can be used independently from the bottle that holds liquids.

The cap is leak-proof and flips off the mouthpiece easily, remaining in an upright position as the user drinks.

The battery-free mixer is powerful enough to smoothly break down peanut butter or oat flour.


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