Medical Varicose Veins Socks Pressure Compression Socks Health Care

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Medical Varicose Veins Socks Pressure Compression Socks Health Care. Lycra and Double cotton covered. Pressure degree – level 1 (15-21 mmHg) 

The product is classified as assisted stockings for medical use, imposing a certain amount of pressure on legs to prevent blood clot around legs and varicosity. 


  1. Choose the proper product according to the affected area and leg size;
  2. Putting on the stockings in the morning before you get up is the best choice.
  3. Put one hand into the stockings, pinch the position with 2 inches from the toe and roll it down to the heel.
  4. Turn over the stocking and unfold it, which could let the foot stretch into the stocking easily;
  5. Slide your foot into the stocking with thumbs of hands propping up the stocking and other four fingers of each hand clutching the stocking. Pull the bottom of the stockings over your heel and align the stockings to make sure the entire foot inside the stockings.
  6. Slide the stockings up your leg, make sure the stockings straight and smooth.
  7. Be careful of not scratching the elastic stockings with ornaments or long fingernails when putting on or putting off the stockings. 

Applicable people: 

1.People who keep standing for a long time, such as teachers, policemen, cosmetologists, shopping guides, doctors, and nurses.

2.People sitting for a long time: IT practitioners, white-collar workers, and civil servants. These people tend to stand or sit for a long time. The subsequent muscle fatigue and gravitation could lead to an improper backflow of blood in legs and further lower extremity venous-related diseases.

3.Pregnant women and those who keep taking contraceptives —internal hormone alters and weight increases during pregnancy, the fetus, and enlarged womb oppress pelvic venous and iliac vein, the venous pressure increase in legs, all these could lead to an improper backflow of blood in legs and further lower extremity venous-related diseases.

4. People who frequently take business trips by plane and coach like stewardess are vulnerable to “economy class syndrome” owing to the improper backflow of blood in legs caused by weightlessness at high altitude. They may fall victim to lower extremity venous-related diseases and even pulmonary embolism.

5.People suffering from obesity. High-level cholesterol and lipid in the blood can make blood backflow difficult, causing lower extremity venous-related diseases.

6. People who are much likely to fall victim to deep venous thromboses, such as those suffering from malignant tumors, hemiplegic symptoms and broken legs and people just received an operation, women at the final stage of pregnancy and delivery women as well as the elderly.

7.People who want to have well-shaped legs and those going through liposuction. The stockings can compress, lift, pull and group the muscles in legs to prevent sagging and remedy shape of legs.

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